Celebrating James Duran’s 10-Year Anniversary!

February 5th, 2020 by

As a family owned business, we appreciate our employees and all their hard work. Clawson has been open for over 40 years because of its employees. Today we celebrate the 10-year anniversary for James Duran, our Used Car Sales Manager! James was kind enough to share with me his experience throughout the years:

James got into the car industry 28 years ago; 10 of those years were spent at Clawson. Clawson is where James found a home for the longest period of time, and he says the fact that Clawson is a big volume dealership with a family-like atmosphere is what makes it so special. 

Duran started at Clawson during the recession as a salesman, which gave him a chance to relearn buyer’s habits and mentality that were different from when he was a salesman in the early 90s. Later, James transferred to the Internet Department, where he worked for two and a half years. After that, James got promoted to Used Car Sales Manager. 

James gets a lot of satisfaction from meeting, teaching, and mentoring the sales facilitators. “It’s nice to be able to teach what we know and share it with them, you can see them absorbing it and learning. Whether they stay in the car business or not, they can take what they learn here and use it in many different ways.” 

When I asked James if he had any advice for us, he mentioned what he tells to his own kids, “You have to go out there to actually work, whether you are putting on your work boots or work gloves, you have to work hard everyday.” James knows that not everyday is going to be a special day, but he also knows that when you look in the grand scheme of things, “It is the little things in life that add up to the big things”. James’ advice is to work hard and be a good listener. “My dad told me this one day: hard work doesn’t guarantee anything, but without hard work, you don’t stand a chance. That has always stuck with me.”

James finished by saying that “Working at Clawson has been a great experience — it has been a pleasure. I hope I am privileged enough to have another 10 more years here.” As someone who started at Clawson as a sales facilitator and was trained by James, I can personally say that he has helped shape the professional I am today, and I am very thankful Clawson employees have someone like James to guide them. From all of us at Clawson, thank you, James!