Congratulating Adam Clark on 6 Years With Clawson!

April 8th, 2020 by

When Adam Clark started working at Clawson Honda in 2014, he was a Service Porter and was responsible for interacting with customers and organizing the lot. After a year, he volunteered to write up cars and organize the cars in the service drive. Adam did a great job and because of it, he was offered the job as a Service Advisor. “I love it. It is definitely the people I work with that make the job so great. It is a great environment,” says Adam.

Adam speaks about the difference in working for a family-owned business. He touches on how you get to know your co-workers on a more personal level and get to hang out with them outside work. When asked about his favorite memories, Adam could not pick only one. “They are all mostly good memories. My coworkers are great, I have a fantastic boss that is a great person and we all work as a team.”

According to Adam, working as a team is the key to success. “Everyone should have each other’s back and take care of each other”. He says that when working as a team, there are no issues, it is beneficial for the company, the employees, and the customers. Adam’s advice to anyone that wants to work in the industry is to work hard. Working hard while working as a team player will lead you to success.

When asked why people should service their car at Clawson, Adam did not hesitate to say that is because Clawson cares. “We like to take care of our customers. Go above and beyond for them while making sure their car is safe and that they are happy”. The result of that is Clawson’s new Pick-up and Delivery Auto Service. Clawson now picks up the vehicle at your home or work and delivers it back to you! Awesome right? Next time you need to service your car, come by and ask for Adam Clark!