How Often Should I Get a Honda Oil Change?

Honda Oil Change

How Often Should I Get a Honda Oil Change?

Getting an oil change is one of the simplest things you can do to help your Honda remain on the road for many years and miles to come. Whether you’re driving a new Honda Accord or enjoying the spacious interior of a Honda Pilot SUV, regular oil changes are vital to your vehicle’s overall health and reliability. Schedule Honda service at our Honda dealership in Fresno, CA, to get a conventional or synthetic Honda oil change today.

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

The oil in your Honda engine keeps everything lubricated and running at its best. Over time that oil can become dirty and need to be replaced, so don’t hesitate to visit Clawson Honda of Fresno when you need an oil change. Newer Honda models don’t need oil changes as often as older models, however, it’s always important to check your recommended service intervals. Some new Civic sedans, for example, can go as long as 7,500 miles or 12 months between oil changes. If you’re unsure, it’s good to be safe and schedule an oil change every 3,000-4,000 miles.

If you drive in extreme conditions your engine can be put under additional stress, and you may need to seek an oil change sooner. Extreme conditions can include:

  • Very hot weather
  • Dusty roads or difficult terrain
  • Towing a heavy trailer
  • Idling for long periods
  • Making lots of short trips each day

Your Honda driver’s manual will have the specific information you’re looking for, or you can speak with one of our Honda service technicians to see when you should come in for an oil change. The service experts at Clawson Honda of Fresno are here to help keep your engine running at its best for many years to come.

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