One Collision Affects Many Lives

February 19th, 2020 by

In the United States and throughout much of the world, automobiles are a way of life – and car accidents are an inevitability. With more than 143 million Americans commuting daily, there’s no doubt that car accidents are bound to happen – and there seems to be no end in sight.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), every year, roughly 1.3 million people die in car accidents worldwide – an average of 3,287 deaths per day. Young adults aged 15-44 account for more than half of all road traffic deaths. Globally, car accidents are the leading cause of death among young adults ages 15-29 – and the 9th leading cause of death for all people.

Even though there is no way to extinguish car accidents to zero, companies are creating the best technology ever to try to protect consumers. Honda, for instance, has created Honda Sensing, which is a second set of eyes when you’re on the road. A couple systems included in the Safety Package are: Collision Mitigation Braking System, which, in the event of a possible frontal collision, sends you a warning while automatically applying pressure on the brakes; The Lane Keeping Assist System which uses a camera to detect lane patterns and adjusts your steering, to help keep you centered; and many more. If you would like to see all Honda Sensing features, please click here.

With that in mind, Honda has created a Brand Safety Campaign, thinking about how one collision impacts many lives. If you would like to know more or experience these safety features, stop by at Clawson Honda of Fresno! Watch below, for real stories about how these people’s Hondas saved their lives. 


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