The Benefits of Electric & Hybrid Vehicles at Clawson Honda

If you’re on the lookout for an electrified vehicle, or just want to better understand the differences between different hybrid and all-electric models, Clawson Honda is dedicated to helping you. The automotive world is changing, and electrified vehicles offer innovative efficiency without compromising power under the hood or performance wherever you travel. There are a wide variety of terms for electrified vehicles now, so we’ve provided more details on three of the most common types below to help you find the best model for your needs.

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Hybrid Vehicles

If your vehicle is a pure or traditional hybrid model as opposed to a plug-in hybrid, there won’t be a way to plug in the battery and charge it on your own with an external power source. Instead, the battery is designed to recharge itself via a regenerative braking system and also through the ICE engine. Depending on your needs, pure hybrid vehicles can be especially suited to city driving or other situations where you’ll be driving for short distances at low speeds. They provide improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, and they also have the back-up option of a diesel or gasoline engine if you want to head out of town and travel for much longer distances.

Unlike other hybrid variants, a plug-in hybrid is designed with a bigger emphasis on electrified power. PHEVs are often built with bigger batteries than pure hybrids, which helps them achieve a much longer electric-only driving range — though still considerably less than all-electric cars. This is especially convenient for long drives, since when the car runs out of fuel you can just as easily refill at a gas station as at a public charging station. It’s worth noting that fuel economy can be more efficient with a pure hybrid than a plug-in hybrid on long trips, since PHEVs drive with some extra weight in the form of the bigger battery.

Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles

Low Emissions

  • MPG ratings and cost savings at the pump.
  • Fewer stops at the gas station.
  • Lower vehicle emissions than gasoline-only vehicles.

Types of Drives

  • Perfect for trips of any length.

Energy Source

  • Runs on gas and electricity.
  • Honda hybrids can recover lost energy through regenerative braking.

Recharging and Refueling

  • Refuel at traditional gas stations.
  • No plugging in or charging required.

Electric Vehicles

A pure-electric vehicle, also known as an all-electric vehicle or a battery electric vehicle, utilizes at least one or more electric motors coupled with a battery and doesn't come with any gas-powered engine. The market for owning pure-electric vehicles is growing very quickly, and charging stations are becoming more available every year. Some of the greatest benefits to driving an all-electric vehicle include the incredibly quiet drive and powerful, responsive performance. EVs also provide efficient power for every trip. They have lower maintenance needs on average when compared to gas-powered cars that naturally take more wear and tear, and they greatly reduce your impact on the environment.

Benefits of Electrified Vehicles

Low Emissions

  • Zero vehicle emissions.
  • No dependence on gas.

Types of Drives

  • Ideal for short and medium-length trips, and great for longer trips where charging is available.

Energy Source

  • Runs on electricity drawn from a high-voltage battery.

Recharging and Refueling

  • Plug in using convenient at-home charging options or at extra charging stations.

Electrified vehicles aren’t just an idea for the future anymore – hybrid and all-electric power are quickly becoming the new norm on roads all across the country, and the coming years are only going to make electrified vehicles easier to use and more efficient without compromising performance. If you’d like to learn more about hybrid and pure-electric vehicles, contact Clawson Honda of Fresno and we’ll make sure you find the best electrified vehicles to support your lifestyle.

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